What is Managed Billing?

What is Managed Billing?

No matter where an employer, agency recruiter, or job order is located, RecruitAlliance’s Managed Billing simplifies the onboarding of agency recruiters, processing POs when required, invoicing, currency conversion, payments, and collections.

Now more than ever, employers and agency recruiters are thinking bigger and operating more globally, and they need tools that help them accomplish their goals. Managed Billing helps to simplify the payment of recruiting fees by eliminating the need for an employer’s accounts payable [AP] to onboard every recruiting vendor with which the employer would like to work.

Equally as important is an agency’s ability to maximize its resources and reduce time spent on administrative tasks. RecruitAlliance acts as your agency’s back-office by invoicing employers for your placements, monitoring payment approval, follow-up, collection, and payment.

Upon successful placement, RecruitAlliance will pay your recruiting fee, minus a nominal transaction fee, upon receipt of payment from the employer. If the employer has not paid the fee on time, RecruitAlliance will make every effort to collect the payment as soon as possible.

Transaction Fee: All Managed Billing jobs are subject to a 6% transaction fee. Following the payment of your first fee using Managed Billing, an agency recruiter no longer pays a monthly fee to access their RecruitAlliance account. A $99 service/support fee will be charged on the anniversary of your account conversion, then annually after that for as long as the account remains active.

Jobs that are subject to Managed Billing are marked with an icon:



Managed Billing icon on Job Search page


Further Managed Billing informaton specific to the job order can be found by clicking on View Details.


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