How does RA help to reduce or eliminate recruiter calls?

How does RA help to reduce or eliminate recruiter calls?

Unlike potential candidates, your company's careers page probably does not address questions that a typical agency recruiter will have such as:

  • Do you use agency recruiters?
  • Do you have any job orders I can work on?
  • How can my agency become a preferred vendor?
  • What is the status of the candidate I sent to you?
  • How should I send you a referral?

...and the list goes on.  

RecruitAlliance helps agency recruiters answer all of these questions without having to speak directly to you.

  • Post all jobs appropriate for agency recruiter engagement on RA - make it easy to tell what jobs you need help, complete with a pre-negotiated contract and fee
  • Add a notice to HR's voicemail: "Thank you for contacting HR.  If you are agency recruiter that is interested in help us with our job openings, please visit for a complete list of needs as well as our standard recruiting contract.  You may also call 800.936.3395 x 3 for more information."
  • Add a Recruiter Friendly to your careers page.  Let agency recruiters know that you welcome their help as long as they follow your process, by accessing your job orders, contract and pre-negotiated fee through RA.

Talk you your RA Account Manager or email for more information.

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