How can I obtain more information when my candidate is rejected?

How can I obtain more information when my candidate is rejected?

When you receive a rejection notice from the client, it should contain information on why they decided not to move forward.  Some common reasons for rejection include:

  • The candidate was sourced internally
  • Currently have more qualified candidates
  • Candidate does not have enough experience managing direct reports (example)
  • Candidate's salary requirements exceed the salary range listed on the job
  • Candidate resides outside of the job area

If you have additional questions, you can email  Please provide the candidates name, req# to which they were submitted and your specific question.  RecruitAlliance does not make any decisions for the client so we cannot comment on why a client made a decision, however, we can assist if there is a mistake.

Some tips to help your candidates become accepted:

  1. Always review the job order and contract thoroughly.  The client is looking for candidates who meet their requirements.
  2. If the job order does not indicate that relocation is available, only refer local candidates.
  3. If you know you have a strong candidate for the position, use the Additional Information block on the Candidate Submission page to "sell" your candidate.  Remember, any information you want the client to know about your candidate must be communicated during the submission process.
  4. If your candidate's salary requirements exceed the range posted on the requisition, save yourself and the client time - don't submit him/her for that requisition.  Submit the candidate for jobs that match his/her salary requirements.
  5. If the client is open to remote candidates, this will be included on the requisition.

We hope this helps you make more placements on RecruitAlliance!

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