Simplifying Your Job Search with the Briefcase Feature

How Does the Briefcase Feature Simplify Your Job Search?

The Briefcase feature acts as a digital organizer for agency recruiters. It allows them to flag and save jobs for future reference. This feature not only simplifies job tracking but also provides automatic notifications about job status changes, ensuring recruiters stay updated effortlessly.

To access your Briefcase:

  1. Once you have logged into your account, click on the Find Jobs tab.
  2. Choose Briefcase in the dropdown menu.

When conducting a job search, you can effortlessly flag appealing job postings by adding them to your Briefcase. This handy feature allows you to revisit and review these opportunities later without the need to search for them again. Think of it as your personalized job shortlist, always at your fingertips.

To add a job to your Briefcase, look for the green button at the bottom of the Job Details page. 



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