How can I improve the quality of the candidates being submitted to my job?

How can I improve the quality of the candidates being submitted to my job?

A detailed and accurate job description is the cornerstone for a well written requisition. The more specific the information the more on-target the candidates are likely to be. RecruitAlliance job order forms also include up to 5 Must Have fields. These are objective and definitive requirements that are absolutely essential if the candidate is to be considered qualified. In order for a candidate to be submitted, the recruiter must verify that their candidate possesses all.

Even the most accurate job order is bound to receive unqualified or unsolicited resumes on occasion. With RecruitAlliance, however, you can:  

  • Use the Must Have filters to set standards on minimum qualifications
  • Adjust your job order distribution strategy: maintain complete control over who has access to your job orders. Access the power of the entire RA network OR work only with a select group of ‘preferred vendors’.  For more exposure, consider making the job Open to all agency recruiters
  • Block agency recruiters who you do not want to work with from having access to your jobs
  • Provide constructive feedback when rejecting a candidate.  Doing so helps agency recruiters hone their search and correct their process for candidate qualification.
  • Consider your Fee %.  The best agency recruiters pay attention to the most competitive requisitions.  If you need to increase the fee of a job that has already been posted, please email for assistance.
  • For hard to fill or high priority requisitions, talk to your RA Account Manager about setting up a Call For Candidates conference call.
  • If you are seeing trends in the candidate submissions or would like to easily communicate with all of the agencies that have submitted candidates to a job, use the Send Email Alert option.  This allows you to quickly communicate with your agency partners without disclosing your contact information.

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