PO and Invoicing instructions ONLY for Wells Fargo jobs with a posted job location outside the US

How do I submit an invoice for a hire with the job location outside US?

In order to submit an invoice, a Purchase Order (PO) must first be issued by Wells Fargo. The complete PO number is required on each invoice in order to be processed for payment.


Steps to ensure that your invoice is paid on time:

  1. On the date your candidate is documented as HIRED in RecruitAlliance, you are sent a hired notice via email. The email contains a PDF attachment with detailed information on submitting an invoice. The email also contains details of the hire, which you must confirm. Once complete, a PO request is automatically sent to Well Fargo Enterprise Procurement Team for processing.
  2. A PO is typically issued within two weeks of confirming the hire details.
  3. If you do not receive the PO within two weeks, you can check the status of the request by emailing Wells Fargo Enterprise Procurement at psprocesses@wellsfargo.com and provide them with the Req # and Candidate Name.
  4. Once the PO is issued, submit the invoice to ssainvoicing@wellsfargo.com


Note: Payment terms are found in the Job Details page of the job order under the section titled, Recruiting Agreement.


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