What is SplitAlliance?

What is SplitAlliance? Can I post a split fee job on RecruitAlliance?

SplitAlliance, part of the RecruitAlliance network, is a powerful split networking resource you can access through your RecruitAlliance account. An account allows you to post an unlimited number of split fee jobs (that you have independently sourced from your employer clients) and gain access to our network of prescreened 3rd party recruiters.

Your job openings appear next to RecruitAlliance full-fee employer-posted jobs to which you will also have access. Your RecruitAlliance account is feature-rich, allowing you to manage your job postings and candidate flow, including instant notification when a new candidate is referred. SplitAlliance encourages recruiter interaction and trust by allowing both parties to communicate freely and provides a platform for the secure transfer of tracked information, assuring both parties are comfortable before engaging in a partnership. To get started, click on the My Split Jobs tab at the top of your account.  To learn more about split placements, see below:

What is split fee recruiting?

Split fee recruiting is an arrangement where one recruiter supplies the job order, and another submits a candidate to the job through their RecruitAlliance account. The two recruiting parties benefit because they split the full recruiting fee 50/50, and RecruitAlliance does not take a percentage.

How can split placements benefit me?

Split placements allow agency recruiters to leverage their combined resources to make more placements. Split placements are a great way to leverage your candidate database to fill jobs that would otherwise go unfilled OR place candidates that you have not successfully placed.

How am I protected?

All split placement jobs on RecruitAlliance contain the contact information of the source agency recruiter responsible for the job posting. The date and exact time a candidate is referred, the details of the job, and the partner agency's information is recorded in both your and the partner agency recruiter's account, creating an electronic paper trail in the unlikely event of a dispute.

How do I refer a candidate to a split fee job?

Refer your candidate to a split placement job through your RecruitAlliance account. Click here to learn how to refer candidates to jobs. 

How do I post a split job?

Log into your account, click on the My Split Jobs tab, and select Post New Split Job.  Complete the job form and follow the prompts.  To add your agency's Terms & Conditions, click on your name in the upper right corner and select Setup, then Terms & Conditions.

Contact support@recruitalliance.com with additional questions.


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