What is RecruitAlliance? How does it work?

What is RecruitAlliance? How does it work?

RecruitAlliance is a global recruiting vendor management marketplace that simplifies Employer to Agency Recruiter and Agency Recruiter to Agency Recruiter collaboration, either on a small, medium, or enterprise level.


For Agency Recruiters/Vendors: Register for an account as a vendor to access jobs posted by Employers. As an Agency Recruiter, you also gain access to our robust split network: SplitAlliance. SplitAlliance gives Agency Recruiters access to the same job order management tools as Employers and allows you to post your anonymized client job orders, helping you to make money on job orders that would otherwise go unfilled.


Receiving payment: Some jobs allow you to invoice directly upon successful placement and keep 100% of the fee; others use our Managed Billing service.


For Employers: RecruitAlliance is a comprehensive talent acquisition/vendor management strategy. Your RecruitAlliance account gives you control over every aspect of the job order and candidate pipeline. Use your existing preferred vendor partners, or leverage the RecruitAlliance vendor network to provide you with the right candidates. At your fingertips, RecruitAlliance gives you the critical information you need to make the right decisions.

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