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How do I update my Vendor Setup/Remit-To Address?

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How do I update my Vendor Setup/Remit-To Address?


Managed billing jobs allow you to control how and where you prefer to receive payment via your RecruitAlliance account. This is your Vendor Setup. When a candidate is hired for a job that uses managed billing, you will receive a Hire Notice email on the day that your candidate's status changes in RecruitAlliance from Accepted to Hired. If it is your first managed Billing job, you will be required to enter your remit-to information, at which point you can choose to be paid either via ACH or Check. It is essential that you enter your remit-to information as soon as you receive this notice.

Subsequent hires will follow the same process. However, you need to verify the information and do not need to enter your remit-to information again.

If you need to update the remit-to preferences you can:

  • Click Update Vendor Setup on your account Dashboard
  • Click Update Vendor Setup in the hire notice
  • Click Account, then select Setup in the upper right of your account. Then, in the Placements & Invoices section, choose Vendor Setup.

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