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Orange arrow How can I help other people at my company create an account on RecruitAlliance?

  Some types of employer accounts (SMA & Main) have the ability to invite colleagues to create RecruitAlliance accounts. To invite others (typically Internal Recruiters or Hiring Managers) within your oranization to create a RecruitAlliance account: Log into your account and click on [Your Na...
Orange arrow What types of accounts are offered for Employers?

  RecruitAlliance accomodates companies of all sizes, therefore we provide Employers with a variety of account options, each suited to the type of work the individual will be doing:...
Tagged: new account

Orange arrow What types of RecruitAlliance accounts are available to recruiting vendors/agencies?

  By default, all new users of RecruitAlliance are assigned a Paid-Owner/Manager account. Upon request, we also offer different types of agency recruiter accounts designed to help offices of all sizes manage their recruiting teams and office locations. The diagram below shows the different types of a...

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