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Orange arrow Does RA receive a portion of the fee when I make a placement?

  Recruiters keep 100% of the placement fee on most job requisitions. We do offer employers, however, a ‘Managed Billing’ option and a nominal transaction fee is paid upon a successful placement. Jobs are identified if the ‘Managed Billing’ option is used. Click here for more...
Orange arrow Does it cost an Agency Recruiter anything to join RecruitAlliance?

  Creating an account with RecruitAlliance is free because we offer a 30-day free trial to all new Agency Recruiters. During your trial, there are no restrictions on your account, which means you can search for requisitions that are currently posted, submit candidates for consideration, post split-f...
Orange arrow What is Managed Billing?

  Regardless of where in the world a job order is posted, RecruitAlliances' Managed Billing service helps to simplify the payment process for both the agency recruiter and employer. If an employer uses Managed Billing, RecruitAlliance becomes its global single payee for all agency recruiter placement...

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