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Orange arrow Can I delete a candidate, once submitted?

  Once you have submitted a candidate to a requisition, they cannot be deleted. If your candidate has taken another opportunity or is no longer working with you, their status can be changed to Not Available. This changes their Candidate Status for all requisitions to which they have been submitted....
Orange arrow How do I submit a candidate to a job?

  To submit a candidate to a job for consideration: Log into your RecruitAlliance account. Click on the Find Jobs tab, and select Job Search. Use the different filters available to find the job of your choice, then click Search Now. On the Job Search Results page, locate the job you want to wor...
Orange arrow How do I share or forward candidate documents with colleagues?

  It is often necessary to share candidate documents with recruiter partners helping to manage a job or hiring managers. Follow these steps to make it easier to send the most critical candidate details and documents: These instructions apply to Employer accounts only. Once you have logged into yo...
Orange arrow How can I improve the quality of the candidates being submitted to my job?

  A detailed and accurate job description is the cornerstone for a well written requisition. The more specific the information the more on-target the candidates are likely to be. RecruitAlliance job order forms also include up to 5 Must Have fields. These are objective and definitive requirements tha...
Orange arrow What if several recruiters refer the same candidate?

  Though RecruitAlliance provides tools to agency recruiters that help identify candidates that are likely duplicates, it is still possible for a duplicate candidate to be submitted. When this happens, your account will highlight potential duplicates with a red blinking question mark which appear to ...
Orange arrow I submitted my candidate more than 10 days ago and have not received any feedback. What can I do?

  Please email customer support at Send the requisition number, candidate's name, and the date you submitted the candidate. A member of the Customer Support team will contact the client. Please continue to monitor your account and all email notifications from RA. Ofte...

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