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Orange arrow I requested an invitation to a job but have not heard back. When will the Client respond?

  Employers post Invitation Only jobs when they need to screen what agency recruiters will work on a requisition or when they need more help. Therefore, requesting access to an Invitation Only job often leads to an opportunity that you previously did not have access to with an employer. Though we e...
Orange arrow How do I become a clients’ Preferred Vendor?

  Every internal recruiter that works on a client's behalf has the ability to create and maintain their own Preferred Vendor lists within their RA account. To make it easy to for them to invite you to their most exclusive job orders or to build a new relationship, make sure you: Create your own R...
Orange arrow Can I use the agency recruiters with which I already have a relationship?

  Yes! RecruitAlliance enables you to manage your existing relationships smarter and more efficiently. There are several ways you can help direct your 3rd party recruiting partners to RecruitAlliance. General invitation to create a RecruitAlliance account: Click on the Vendors tab, then select I...
Orange arrow How can I control what Agency Recruiters have access to my job?

  RecruitAlliance gives you complete control over job order distribution. If you want to control who has access to your job order, while posting your job (How do I post a Job Order?), you have a few options: Invitation Only - Allows immediate access for those invited to work on the job order. Age...
Orange arrow How does Request for Invitation work?

  Agency Recruiters can request an invitation to work on jobs that first require approval by the employer. Jobs eligible to receive requests for invitation are labeled Invitation Only. Invitation Only jobs help employers concentrate on a few candidates and agency recruiters at a time without becoming...

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