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Category: Managing Split Jobs
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Orange arrow How do I edit a split job after it has been posted?

  To edit a split job once it has been posted: Click on the My Split Jobs tab, then click on My Split Jobs You should see a list of jobs you have posted. To the right of the job you need to edit, click the pencil/paper in the Options column. Changes you make to the job appear live imediatel...
Orange arrow How do I protect myself when working on split jobs?

  RecruitAlliance provides a safe and secure platform to exchange candidates with split partners. However, it is also incumbent upon each recruiter to determine who they want to work with and at what time, if any, it is appropriate to disclose confidential information including your client's name. Ou...
Orange arrow How do I repost a job order?

  When you Repost a job, you are allowing Agency Recruiters to submit candidates once again. If anyone was originally invited to the job, they will be notified via email that the job order has been reposted. It is a good idea to repost a job only if you intend on reconsidering the candidates that w...
Orange arrow How do I hire a candidate in RecruitAlliance

  To Hire a candidate, the cadidate must be Accepted. Changing the candidates status is most often accomplished from the Candidare > Details page. To do this: Click on the Candidate Pipeline tab Use the filters in the gray filter area to find the candidate (NOTE: the drop-down menu to the far ...

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