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Orange arrow What do different candidate statuses mean?

  Good things to remember when managing your candidate pipeline: A candidate referral should only remain New if they have not been reviewed by the employer. If the candidate is minimally qualified enough for the employer to want to consider, then the candidate's status should be updated to Accept...
Orange arrow How do I update the details of a Hire?

  If the details of a Hire were entered incorrectly: Click on the Candidate Pipeline tab In the gray filter area, where it says Any Candidate Status, select Hired In the drop-down says Open, select Any Job Status, then click Go Locate the candidate in the list and click on their name Scroll do...
Orange arrow How do I share the responsibility of managing a job order with others in my organization?

  Sometimes it is necessary to manage a job with someone else within your company. It is an excellent way to share the responsibility of reviewing candidates and easily share information. To add an Internal Recruiter to a job order that you are managing, log in to your account and click on the Jo...
Orange arrow How do I hire a candidate in RecruitAlliance

  To Hire a candidate, the cadidate must be Accepted. Changing the candidates status is most often accomplished from the Candidare > Details page. To do this: Click on the Candidate Pipeline tab Use the filters in the gray filter area to find the candidate (NOTE: the drop-down menu to the far ...
Orange arrow How do I post a Job Order?

  To post a job order for the purpose of receiving candidate submissions from Agency Recruiters: Log into your RecruitAlliance account as an Employer. From the Dashboard>Home page, click on the Post New Job tab. Complete all of the sections that apply to your job. Bear in mind that all of th...
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Orange arrow How do I repost a job order?

  When you Repost a job, you are allowing Agency Recruiters to submit candidates once again. If anyone was originally invited to the job, they will be notified via email that the job order has been reposted. It is a good idea to repost a job only if you intend on reconsidering the candidates that w...
Orange arrow How can I find agency recruiters that specialize is a specific industry?

  The RecruitAlliance network not only helps you work with agency recruiters with which you already have a relationship, but it also helps you build relationships with new recruiters as well. There are two ways of trying to locate agency recruiters that can help you in a particular industry: BY KEY...
Orange arrow What is the Honor Period (Ownership Period)

  The Honor Period, also referred to as the ownership period, is the amount of time since the date of submission an employer is obligated to pay a recruiting fee if a candidate is hired for a job. In some instances, any other job within the company. For specific details on the employer's policies, re...
Orange arrow How do I share or forward candidate documents with colleagues?

  It is often necessary to share candidate documents with recruiter partners helping to manage a job or hiring managers. Follow these steps to make it easier to send the most critical candidate details and documents: These instructions apply to Employer accounts only. Once you have logged into yo...
Orange arrow How do I document a candidate that resigns or is fired?

  If a candidate resigns or is fired prior to the expiration of the Guarantee Period listed in the job dscription, then you need to update the candidates status in RecruitAlliance. To update the candidate status: Once you have logged into your account, click on the Candidate Pipeline tab Look fo...
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