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Orange arrow Where can I review the Employer’s standardized contract?

  There are a number of placed you can review the Employer's standardized contract, both before and after you submit a candidate to a requisition. When reviewing a job requisition: When preparing to submit a candidate to a requisition: In the 'click agreement' prior to ...
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Orange arrow Can I negotiate the terms of the contract with the Client?

  RA allows you to spend more time sourcing and submitting candidates by eliminating the lengthy negotiation process. We do this by allowing Employers to standardize their contract and fee for every requisition. Each requisition contains pre-negotiated contract and fee, all of which can be reviewed ...
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Orange arrow What is Managed Billing?

  Regardless of where in the world a job order is posted, RecruitAlliances' Managed Billing service helps to simplify the payment process for both the agency recruiter and employer. If an employer uses Managed Billing, RecruitAlliance becomes its global single payee for all agency recruiter placement...

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