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Orange arrow What is a Job Alert? How do I set it up? Can I edit a Job Alert?

  A Job Alert is a saved Job Search that notifies via email about any new jobs that meet your search criteria. Job Alerts are the best way to stay on top of new job orders because they alert you even if your membership with RA is not current. To set up a Job Alert: Click on the Find Jobs tab at ...
Orange arrow How does Request for Invitation work?

  Agency Recruiters can request an invitation to work on jobs that first require approval by the employer. Jobs eligible to receive requests for invitation are labeled Invitation Only. Invitation Only jobs help employers concentrate on a few candidates and agency recruiters at a time without becoming...
Orange arrow The job is not accepting referrals. What does this mean?

  A client will mark their job as Not Accepting Referrals when the job is on hold. This is usually temporary and is often used because they need more time to review the candidates that have already been submitted. You will be notified is a job is changed to Not Accepting Referrals if it is either in...
Orange arrow My candidate was hired by the Client, but only shows as New in RA. What do I do?

  Please email Customer Support at, and let us know the requisition number of the job and the candidate's name, along with a brief explanation of your inquiry. We will contact the Client on your behalf to obtain an update and get back to you once we receive a response fro...

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