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Orange arrow What is Managed Billing?

  No matter where an employer, agency recruiter or job order is located in the world, RecruitAlliance’s Managed Billing simplifies the onboarding of agency recruiters, processing of PO’s when required, invoicing, currency conversion, payments, and collections. Today’s employers ...
Orange arrow How do I Confirm Hire Details of a candidate that has been hired?

  Some job orders require you to confirm the details of the hire before the process of paying a fee can begin. The purpose of this is to make sure that no errors were made when documenting the hire. You can confirm the hire details a number of ways: Review the Hire Notice On the date that t...
Orange arrow When will I be receiving my placement fee after submitting the invoice?

  The Due Date indicates the earliest date you can expect payment on a Managed Billing invoice. The Due Date is dictated by the Recruiting Agreement that is associated with the job order and hire. To see a list of Managed Billing invoices and their Due Date, log into your RecruitAlliance account, th...

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