How does RA help to reduce or eliminate recruiter calls?

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How does RA help to reduce or eliminate recruiter calls?


Unlike potential candidates, your company's careers page probably does not address questions that a typical agency recruiter will have such as:

  • Do you use agency recruiters?
  • Do you have any job orders I can work on?
  • How can my agency become a preferred vendor?
  • What is the status of the candidate I sent to you?
  • How should I send you a referral?

...and the list goes on.  

RecruitAlliance helps agency recruiters answer all of these questions without having to speak directly to you.

  • Post all jobs appropriate for agency recruiter engagement on RA - make it easy to tell what jobs you need help, complete with a pre-negotiated contract and fee
  • Add a notice to HR's voicemail: "Thank you for contacting HR.  If you are agency recruiter that is interested in help us with our job openings, please visit for a complete list of needs as well as our standard recruiting contract.  You may also call 800.936.3395 x 3 for more information."
  • Add a Recruiter Friendly to your careers page.  Let agency recruiters know that you welcome their help as long as they follow your process, by accessing your job orders, contract and pre-negotiated fee through RA.

Talk you your RA Account Manager or email for more information.

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