How do I become a clients’ Preferred Vendor?

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How do I become a clients’ Preferred Vendor?


Every internal recruiter that works on a client's behalf has the ability to create and maintain their own Preferred Vendor lists within their RA account.  To make it easy to for them to invite you to their most exclusive job orders or to build a new relationship, make sure you:

  1. Create your own RA account.  This is the only way you can be directly invited to job orders or work on job orders that are open to all agency recruiters.  Click HERE to get started.
  2. Finish your account profile.  Upload any current diversity or small business certificates you have and let your clients know who are.
  3. Regularly refer quality candidates on Open jobs. Clients are looking for Recruiters who are serious about referring candidates and making placements.
  4. The longer you use RA and make placements, the more likely you will quickly become a preferred vendor for multiple Clients.


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