How to submit a candidate to a job

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How do I submit a candidate to a job?


To submit a candidate to a job for consideration:

  1. Log into your RecruitAlliance account.
  2. Click on the Find Jobs tab, and select Job Search.
  3. Use the different filters available to find the job of your choice, then click Search Now.
  4. On the Job Search Results page, locate the job you want to work on, then click on the View Detail button to see the details of the job, including the candidate requirements.
  5. If your candidate is qualified for the job, click Submit Candidate.
  6. Complete the following page by providing candidate details, other required information and agreeing to the Standard Terms & Agreement. To complete the candidate referral, click Submit Candidate at the bottom of the page.
  7. You and the individual managing the job will receive an email notification that your candidate was successfully submitted.


Note: If you do not receive an email notification, please check your 'junk' mail folder. You can also review the candidates that have been submitted to jobs by clicking the Candidate Pipeline tab, then selecting View By Job Order


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