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What is SplitAlliance?

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What is SplitAlliance?Can I post a split job on RecruitAlliance?


SplitAlliance, part of the RecruitAlliance network, is a powerful split networking resource that you gain access to through your RA account.  Active membership allows you to post as many jobs as you would like for FREE and gain access to our massive network of pre-screened agency recruiters.  Your split jobs appear next to client jobs.  Have the same control that clients have when posting their jobs and get notified via email when you receive a new referral. To get started, click on the My Split Jobs tab at the top of your account.  To learn more about split placements, see below:

What is a split placement?

In a split placement situation, one recruiter has the job order and posts it on SplitAlliance, while another recruiter submits a candidate to the job from their RA account. Splits are 50/50 between the two recruiters and RA does not take a percentage.

How can split placements benefit me?

Split placements allow agency recruiters to leverage their combined resources to make placements.

How am I protected?

All split placement jobs on RA are posted with the complete contact information of the agency recruiter responsible for the requisition.  Give them a call before submitting your candidate to ensure the job is still open and verify that they are interested in your candidates' profile.  Finally, submit your candidate to the split placement job through your RA account.  Doing so records the date and time they were submitted and the details of the job and agency, creating an electronic paper trail in the event of any disputes.

How do I post a split job?

Log into your account and click on the My Split Jobs tab, then select Post New Split Job.  Complete the job form and follow the prompts.  To add your agencies Terms & Conditions, click on your name in the upper right corner and select Setup, then Terms & Conditions.

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