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How does Request for Invitation work?

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How does Request for Invitation work?


Agency Recruiters can request an invitation to work on jobs that first require approval by the employer. Jobs eligible to receive requests for invitation are labeled Invitation Only. Invitation Only jobs help employers concentrate on a few candidates and agency recruiters at a time without becoming overwhelmed. The Request Invitation feature allows agency recruiters to demonstrate their understanding of the job order requirements and their ability to submit qualified candidates quickly given the opportunity.


*Invitation requests should NOT contain the name of a candidate, contact information, or a resume.

**DO NOT submit candidate resumes to an employers applicant tracking system (ATS) prior to submitting a candidate referral to a job posted in RecruitAlliance. Doing so may void your claim with the employer to a recruiting fee, even if the candidate is hired.

Employers that use RecruitAlliance use it as their exclusive method for receiving candidates from third-party recruiting vendors. With Invitation Only jobs, receiving an invitation and submitting a candidate to a job via RecruitAlliance is the only way to assure that you are recognized as the agency recruiter of record and that a recruiting fee can be paid as a result of a hire.


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